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What Donald Trump's Horoscope Says About Him

Leo Ascendants like Trump are often initially recognized by their trademark manes or hair, according to Astro Style . Trumps hair is as unique and eccentric as the man underneath the mane and has inspired countless costumes and satirical commentary . Leo is also the Hollywood sign, a reflection of the career Trump made as a reality television star onThe Apprentice andCelebrity Apprentice. Next: The surprising connection between Bill Clinton and Trump. Could this spell trouble for Trump? | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images Trump has Regulus, Leos brightest star, on the same degree of his rising sign. Gordon claims that this means whatever happens to Regulus also happens to Donald Trump. Regulus is the most revered star in foretelling the future of leaders and nations. Lucky for us, it revealed details about Trump as a leader from an astrological standpoint. If someone regulated by Regulus abuses the royal birthright conferred upon him by, say, abusing his power or seeking revenge on others he often can expect a severe, even ruinous, setback, Gordon said. Bill Clinton was linked to Regulus as well, with the same rising degree as Trump, and, following an eclipse on Regulus, his impeachment trial began.

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You remember that life is about BE-ing together, and feeling the love versus holding onto old resentments. In the middle of it all, Saturn is chaperoning the energetic mayhem and will not let anything get too out of control as he aligns with electric precision to Uranus in earth sign Taurus, reminding you of how much meaning exists in the simplest of moments. With loving Venus squaring the North Node in your sign, you are experiencing the effect of time and its effects on a changing relationship. This may tug hard on that awesome heart of lucky number yours. Try not to attach to outcomes and only to the best way through for all. Your heart will lighten before long, and as it does, you will feel the love come rushing in! You feel best when you are busy. Whether you are organizing a closet, balancing the bank at the business or hiking your favorite hill. Being in motion is vital for a Virgo as it keeps the chi moving in a positive flow. As soon as you enter some idle downtime, the pause can lead to procrastination. Your ruler Mercury is moving with the Sun in your sign until Mercury enters Libraon Friday, and then the Sun follows suit onSunday, Sept 23.

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